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Old ClassicCarThere are few places where you’ll face more risks than behind the wheel of a vehicle, and your risks aren’t limited to the weather or any minor mistakes you might make. Every individual behind the wheel has the same exposure as you do at any given time of the day or night.

Choose quality auto insurance

With this kind of risk exposure you simply can’t afford to skimp when it comes to choosing quality auto insurance. The experienced agents at Stephany Insurance can show you coverage that takes into consideration your particular risks. We work with top-rated companies to make sure you get the most competitive rate without sacrificing critically necessary protection.

Our automobile insurance and our team of professionals are here for you if you have an accident or need to file a claim.

We have convenient coverage for your Motorized ‘Toys’ too! We also offer the same kind of competitive rates for all the things that make recreation so much fun like: ATV’s, boats, RV’s, personal watercraft (jet skis,) snowmobiles and more. Click here to read more.

Our plans include coverage for liability, along with comprehensive and collision coverage if you prefer. Additionally we offer features such as:

  • Accident and minor violation forgiveness
  • Genuine parts for your vehicle at the time of the claim
  • Roadside assistance
  • Diminishing deductibles

Our auto insurance plans can cover your:

  • Autos
  • Classic Cars
  • Motorcycles
Stephany Insurance auto insurance professionals are prepared to meet with you to assess your auto coverage needs and offer you the right plan. We also offer multi-vehicle rates for families. You will receive professional advice and the answers you need in order to decide on the appropriate auto insurance coverage. We have the background and experience that will give you the confidence you need in our insurance services. Let our team at Stephany Insurance guide you to select your car insurance coverage.

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